NEW  GENERATION KOREAN series presents learning goals and best practices lessons developed by professors with extensive teaching experience in Canadian and Korean universities.  The collaborative authors brought their expertise from the fields of Korean as a Second Language (KSL) ,  Korean as a Foreign Language (KFL),  and Educational Linguistics to the development of

lessons that reflect a realistic use of the language relevant to learners in both secondary and post-secondary educational contexts.


Mihyon Jeon   York University (Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania)

Kyoungrok Ko University of Toronto (Ph.D. in Foreign/Second Language Education, Ohio State University)

Daehee Kim    Wonkwang University (Ph.D. in Korean Language Education, Korea University)

Yujeong Choi  University of Toronto (Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Texas)

Ahrong Lee     York University (Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Wisconsin)