“The world of Korean language learning for anglophones has always been dominated by authors and content from Korea and/or the United States, so teachers and learners in Canada (where Korean is increasingly popular) will be delighted by this colourful and engaging new textbook, its Canadian orientation, and its streamlined presentation.”
Ross King
University of British Columbia
“What makes New Generation Korean 1 outstanding is that it will serve both teachers and students well. Each conversation is presented with new vocabulary and a concise description of grammar points and practices with a clear layout for easy navigation. Students will benefit from quick access to comprehensive lessons for self-study while there is still room for further teacher instruction.”
Soyoung Kang
Carleton University
“Appropriate for the first and second semester of Elementary Korean as a Foreign Language (KFL) classes in the North American college setting, this user-friendly book is a timely and welcome addition to the field of KFL education.”
Andrew Sangpil Byon
University of Albany, SUNY
“The contents and the approach in New Generation Korean 2 are up to date and practical with lively materials and interactive exercises. Providing a structured path to solidify language skills and motivate further study, it is well organized and best adapted to the diverse needs of intermediate Korean learners. Both teachers and learners of Korean will find the textbook easy to use and very applicable to real-life contexts.”
Ho Jung Choi
Princeton University
“New Generation Korean 2 provides students with clear and concise Korean grammar rules and concepts. In addition, numerous exercises after each lesson and engaging readings help learners improve their Korean speaking and comprehension skills. I highly recommend New Generation Korean 2 textbook and its workbook to second-language learners of Korean.”
Na-Young Ryu
Penn State University